Consent and Authorization to Use Specific Personal Information

By completing a form or using any other contact details on the website (further "Website") to send specific personal information I state that all information provided to the Website is original and produced by me or is a true representation of me.

I understand and grant my full permission to LinguaLive to use my personal data, namely my full name, address, email address, phone number, Skype ID, Telegram username, information about my teaching experience, country of citizenship, country of residence, my teaching expertise, information about my native language, other languages I speak, my interests and hobbies, photograph(s), written presentation(s), audio presentation(s) and video presentation(s), on their website I also understand that LinguaLive may have or acquire other names and/or extensions for their website in the future, such as .ru, .es, .com, .de,, or other, and I grant my full permission to LinguaLive to use my details on any of their websites.

I understand and agree that my video presentation, as well as my audio presentation, may be and most probably will be uploaded to one of the video or audio sharing websites, like YouTube, Vimeo or others, and/or to LinguaLive personal server.

I understand that my written presentation may be modified and translated into different languages depending on the needs of LinguaLive. When translated, every effort will be made to keep it as close in meaning as possible to the original. However, it cannot be guaranteed it will be exactly the same as different languages function in different ways.

I am aware that I am not obliged to give my consent and authorization and I give such consent and authorization of my own will. I am aware that I may withdraw my consent and authorization with regard to future use at any time by sending a request to LinguaLive email account I understand that LinguaLive will do their best to confirm receiving my request but if I do not receive a reply and my information is not taken off their website(s) within 30 days, I will email or call them to repeat my request, as I understand my email might not have reached their inbox.

I confirm that I am fluent in English, both written and spoken, and that I have read and understood this document, namely Consent and Authorization to Use Specific Personal Information. Therefore I sign this document knowing what it contains.

Below you will find the “Consent to Use Specific Personal Information” document in Russian in a specific wording. The Russian text will prevail over English in compliance with the Russian legislation. We are required to include this text by law of the Russian Federation and ask you to agree.

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